Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm still left with a major portion of my toughest exam this year. When's the exam, you ask? Tomorrow morning at 9. At 23:11, I wonder how much five minutes of blogging will take away from my anyway redundant studying plan.

I went to Bombay for a a Post Grad interview immediately after my last exam and returned yesterday. The interview sucked, by the way. Anyway, the trip was really like a loong sleepover of sorts. I met people and had seemingly a really great day. I have grown up fancying Bombay. I knew I'd love it without any introduction even. However, I don't. I hate that place!
Bombay is ugly, overcrowded, dirty and so fuckin' poor. And the traffic! The motherfuckin' traaafffiiccc!! On my way back from the airport, I was actually going to tell my cab driver to stop the cab somewhere so that I could lie down on the Delhi roads and make some sweet love to it. Bombay made me cry. For no good reason. It can't be the traffic alone. After really long did I cry with such intensity. The worst part however iss, that the water taps haven't completely stopped in Delhi either. This better be PMS or I'm blaming my parents for all my miseries.

We live like kings in Delhi even in our poverty, someone once said to me. Delhi serves everything on a platter to everyone. Of course, there's familiarity of all these years and personal connections. But apart from that, Delhi is easy. If you don't want to rush, you can be laid back as fuck. You can always get someone else to do the work for you. Bus, Metro, Auto, Car- you'd find your footing somewhere and not be bogged down by the weight and sweat of 800 passengers in one square inch. If you don't wanna go clubbing, you go karaoke. If you can't afford the cool bar in Saket, there'll always be a cheaper alternative in a humble abode near your place. Which will also have ac, might I add. Unlike Bombay.

Of course nightlife rocks in Bombay apparently because the entire evening goes in commuting. I would need all pubs open till early morning too if I needed 3 hours to get from any point to any point. Of course, the city never sleeps because it's always stuck in traffic! 

It may be because perhaps I am too much of a Delhiite apparently to survive a Bombay. And to think I had never thought ot myself that way before. Delhi tends to spoil you. Bombay doesn't give scope for your way of life; it's the city's way. You either embody the ''spirit'' of Bombay and be it or well, just never fit in.

Oh. It's 23:21.

This was going to be a distraction post from all the studying that I don't understand. Why is it a Bombay v/s Dehi debate, I have no idea.


  1. Face it already!
    You're the Delhi girl with no makeup and better clothes.
    You're the Mumbai girl with big boobs and more money.
    As for survival? You could survive anywhere. You're stronger than you give yourself credit for. I've always known that. You should do.

    1. I should do what?
      I hope you're not someone I hate because I just smiled a little at the comment. Thanks.

      And my boobs aren't that big.

  2. a very simple spontaneous write-up ! it is so good to read ur flow of writing.

  3. I somehow like the way life moves so fast in Bombay. And how everybody is so self-consumed. Kinda like a time-lapse movie.

    Delhi somehow has all these judging eyes on you, all the time.
    Oh, and talking about laid back. You should try out Hyderabad - the mother of laid back. So much, that it's annoying.

    1. I thought I'd love it. Live the movie. I don't think I can. I can't survive. I'd rather live.

  4. I'm ditching my study plan right now. Sighs.

  5. Sigh, I could so take offense to this.

    I love my city to bits, but I know its a shock to people who are new here. As for Delhi, the one evening I spent there, unfortunately for me, wearing teeny shorts, was the most harrowing evening I have ever spent. :| However, some of my very close friends are from Delhi, and I think I understand why people from this city wont like that one, and vice versa. As my favorite retort goes to those friends, you guys are so obsessed with yourselves, that its a shock to have noone give a fuck. :P

    P.S: It's Mumbai!!!! NOT BOMBAY! :D

    1. "you guys are so obsessed with yourselves, that its a shock to have noone give a fuck." I completely agree. And honestly that's definitely one of my top reasons for the current repulsion.

      And I wanted to love the city, She. I really really did. I can feel physical pain in my heart that I don't. You should probably take me around or something to change my point of view. Sigh.

      p.s : Mumabai is wannabe. It just makes Bombay tacky(er) :P

    2. And this is not to offend anyone. Especially not you. Just say you love la la

    3. Haha ofcourse I do! :D

      I wanted to add in my previous comment, next time you come, I'll give you a checklist of places to be (with the correct time to be at, ofcourse, we all have learnt to adjust to the traffic, unfortunately not everyone has :P)

      Mumbai is the city of dreams, everyone here wants to make it big (yours truly included *wistful smile*).. which is probably why noone here gives a fuck about whats happening around... And if you take a step back sometimes, stand behind a glass door, on the other side of chaos, in complete silence, you'll see why it is so fascinating. :)

      P.S: I refer to it as Mumbai, because my mother tongue is the *supposed* local language, and every time I visited the native place, they all went "oooooh mumbaichi mulgi aali!" (oooh the Mumbai girl is here!) :D :) .. Some stories remain with you forever. This is one of them. :)

    4. I'm going back on the 7th. Say?
      Also, meet me because I really want to; with all your claims of me knowing you.

      Second para just sounds fancy!

      I like aaikaa daajibaa- the song.

  6. Replies
    1. You have NO idea :/
      And I have to go back on the 7th again. I'm not leaving my hotel! :(

  7. I just typed out a giant comment, which vanished. Guess nerds are hated on blogs too. In a nutshell, I agree with @She. Except the Mumbai part. People are gonna say Bombay for a long time, or at least till the name of Bombay Duck is not changed. :)

    1. Awwww. YOur first sentence makes me want to hug you to feel better.

  8. I Agree with @Revacious about agreeing and disagreeing with @She. I like to call it Bombay.
    If you live her, the city absorbs you within itself. And after sometime you enjoy everything,the fast-pace life, the traffic.
    Okay, maybe be not the traffic. :|
    (But I like it sometimes!)

    1. But why would you want to be the city? Won't you rather be yourself?

    2. True story.
      I think I dint put it the right way maybe.
      I agree with @ She's reply...that it gets fascinating after one point.
      I dunno how to explain, I suck at it.

      But I am proud to be a Bombay-ite!

  9. SOMEBODY. ANYBODY. Take us both around Bombay. D:

    I know you can fall in love with Bombay.
    The city is going to engulf you, give it some time.

    I'm positive you'll love it despite all that traffic.

  10. You have to spend one evening drowning in beer at Mondy's / Leo's. And spend forever sitting at Marine Drive, watching it as people leave and soon you are the only one sitting there, watching the ocean. And you must try anything from the mindnight menu of Bade Miya's and then try some chili icecream at Bachelors. If you are lucky, you will catch some celebrity shooting for yet another romantic scene there. :)

    If you can, you must take a train somewhere, obviously NOT at rush hour (it takes a hell lot of expertise, that we have cultivated over the years, to make it to your destination in one piece, and unscathed appearance, during rush hour in the local trains, a seasoned Mumbaikar will tell you). Choose a non rush hour time, maybe in the opposite direction of the rush, and watch the chaos outside, munching on the trainwala bhel.. :) And please, for the love of everything that is hygienic and pure, DO NOT go to Juhu beach - you have seen enough in the movies, and it is, unfortunately, extremely dirty. You must also go cross the Bandra Worli Sea Link once, the structure is beautiful, although the ride will be done in 10 minutes. Then stop over at Candies for a bite, or Hill Road for street shopping and street food.

    And, if it happens to be dark and grey when you are here, head straight for Worli Sea Face, because when the waves come crashing to the wall, and you are surprised with the midday drench, nothing beats that feeling. :) Even non romantics, turn believers. True story.

    P.S: Yes I am a foodie, everything else be damned. :D