Friday, May 4, 2012

Arrogant Bastard.

"People like you don't change. You're still the same. You have the same eyes..
you were the naughty little puppy dog eyes...
only now you're the puppy dog eyes with pouty lips."

Secret Lovers.

Eyes light up when you look at them
It needs will power to keep your hands off them
You can't be all over each other
You can tell your people are looking at you.
You'd talk through the night anticipating the next day's meeting
But you can only go as far as mild brushing of the elbows
You can't even sit too close
You can tell  your people are looking at you.
But you know what you feel and it's as true as true gets
There's such little truth in the world that you know one when you see one
So you take days off every now and then, to get away 
You know? 'Cause you can tell your people are looking at you
And then  it's just you and them and everyone aside
You pretend to be all grown up and do all that you can't among others
It's your special time and you don't give a fuck if they put the spotlight on you
Because you can tell that none of your people are looking at you
Because they can't no more
It's your time to shine
And then you realize
That maybe
It's no great love until it's truly truly precious
And that
It's not truly precious until it's a well kept secret.