Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If I Was A rich Girl...

It's the damn summer time. AGAIN. If there's one thing that will make me a very very happy woman, it is some serious retail therapy. There's just, however, a tiny obstruction between my will and my actions; that is, money.
But there are some things I have to get asap.
Deadline : By the end of May.

1) Haircut : Even though I would love a very-short-almost-crew-cut, I would have to settle for the some-bangs-in front-and-layers-at-the-back-cut. Bah.

2) Sunglasses : I cannot do without my shades. Even in winters. So I need a pair (or two) of Aldo Herwood Shades to tell the damn sun to fuck off; metaphorically of course.
approx. Rs.600/-

3) Wedges : This isn't so much to do with the weather, per se, as it is to do with the fact that I have not found a decent pair of wedge-heels in eight thousand years. Anyone who knows any place in Delhi where I can get some, please feel free to enlighten me.
err...price on request?

4) Sunscreen : The Cherry Body Lotion from Body Shop. Oh! It smells yummy.. and feels yummier. It is just the right amount of wet and dry. Just what I want  need.
Rs. 495/-

5) Conditioner : L'oreal Parie Total Repair Five Conditioner. I have to have happy hair in summers, for me to go through the day without killing anyone and the conditioner does just that. It's a tried and tested deal by yours truly.
Rs. 150/- (180g)

6) Slippers : Slippers from Ms.Jo, Saket, New Delhi. 
                   Some from Converse; blue probably. 
                   No more Oshos; I have grown out of them.
                   Okay. Maybe ONE.
Ms. Jo- Rs 349/-
Converse- Rs. 249/-
Osho- Rs. 100/-

7) Kurtas : Lots of Kurtas in lots of colours. Dull colours. Earthy colours. With an occasional hot pink, if at all. Or green.. I'm liking green a lot these days. 
approx. Rs. 150-200/-
District Centre, Janak Puri.

8) Frames : I need new glass frames. I've been wearing the same ones for almost a year now; 7months, to be precise. So from light pink, I think I am going to do the classic-librarian-frame-look;  a la Preity Zinta in 'Kal Ho Na Ho'. Probably, slightly thicker, though. 
Rs. 200/-

9) Shorts : I am not going to buy too many this year. I am not going to be very very very adventourous with the colours either. But yay shorts :D The only good thing about summer is regularly waxed legs.
Rs. 200/- (bargain-able)
Janpath/ Sarojini Nagar.

10) Jammies : Bright, happy pyajamas to last me all season :) :) Cartoons to Bold prints, I want them all.
Rs. 50-200/-
Sarojini Nagar.

11) Pink Lipstick: Oh! That I need to stand coyly next to my red one. I don't know what brand though. Of course, it has to be the PERFECT shade. Perfect, as it is in my head.

12) T-Shirts : Cool printed T-shirts from the Men's Section= Must Have.
                     Cool printed T-shirts from random flee markets = Must Have.
                     Cool 'Om'-printed T-shirts from Paharganj =Must Have.

13) Forever 21 : New love <3. Hence, must shop from there for all things beautiful.

14) Nail Paint : Local nail paint in turquoise blue.

15) A straight, short, cotton skirt : Black or Printed.

16) Jeggings : My blue ones feel left out without a black pair, I think. Hence.
Approx. 1100

17) Jeans : Light blue well fitted jeans.

I've got 17 on my list, already?
Plus there's this spa I planned to take and this buffet lunc I really wanted to eat. The worse part? I got more I need to add to the list. 
When did I become so materialistic?
I feel content and happy already. And I have just written the list down. Ha!

Anyway, Must get Mum to pay for most.