Saturday, November 27, 2010

Move your ass, go berserk! Eat your salad, no dessert! Sigh.

If you come to think of it, it's no coincidence that 'women' and 'weight' start with the same letter. Really.
I am not one to generalize, but let's, for sake of convenience, acknowledge the fact that most women obsess about weight.
Thin ones want to get still thinner; some of that clan want to gain some flesh. Fat women (acceptingly or otherwise) want to have all the fat on them sucked out almost magically. The battle is unending; Women v/s Weight.

I would like to believe that I have been rather comfortable in my skin for most of it, anyway. Not skinny, yes but I have swung back and forth into my various weight phases from slender to not so to back with a lot of ease. Days of lives have consisted of being completely maniacal about losing weight to giving up and reaching for the last slice of pizza even after finishing my portions of lasagna,tikkas, pasta and the likes. I've exhibited some rather extreme behaviour depending on the mood, season and general happenings in life within the framework of being happy, sad and all that in between.

Current Phase : Got.To.Lose.Weight.Asap.Especially.For.New.Year's.Eve.

Yes. So when you are not exactly tall (read: short!) and are rather well endowed in the chest-al  region (sigh!), the last thing you can have on your self is a paunch, which really is just an almost cute way of calling a very unflattering lump of flesh growing ON your otherwise normal stomach. I wouldn't have alloted any blog space to this issue at all, if it was any other time of the year but this. Not only is it winters but all the major parties are round the corner; December Baby! All dresses which show off my rather well crafted legs (*touch wood* :P :P) would go for a mega toss because the strategically placed attention one places on the cleavage and legs would be hogged by the damn paunch.

It would be a little too ambitious to think that I would be normal-sized for all December parties (Sigh!) but there is a rather 'achievable' target with a rather 'do-able' plan of action (*fingers crossed*)-
Here's the deal:
CHALLENGE : To fit into a sweater dress that would like to be worn by yours truly this new years.
DEADLINE FOR WEIGHT CHECK: 25th December, 2010.
METHOD: Walking, Running. Dancing (THANK GOD!!!) No junk

Given my less than average will power and extreme pangs of laziness, this will be very very very hard. Not a sexist, but a Girl's got to do what a Girl's got to do, right?

Bye bye life, hello Hell!