Monday, September 12, 2016

What Is Your Dream?

When did we grow up, exactly? It happened like a break-up almost. You know the kind of break up that happens over time - gradually. So gradually that you don't even realize when it sneaked up on you. You leave each other in such slow motion that when you finally cut the cord, you barely miss each other.

Also, when exactly can we officially start calling ourselves grown-ups?

I've never been scared of ageing though. There is some poetry to ageing, don't you think? Garlic-shaped under eye bags, grey hair, a cynical heart, frail limbs, regret, experience and laugh lines... Oh, I want all the laugh lines. I want to be one of those old women that people look at and say 'she looks like she's lived the life she wanted to for most parts'. And that she loved. And that she laughed... that she laughed a lot. She laughed to remember and she laughed to forget. And when she laughed, it filled the room because it was straight from the heart. Sigh. 

That is the dream.