Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Me and Machines.

I don't intend to be offensive here but I am one of those who swear by the stereotypical bracket that women and technology do not gel as well as the female-kind might believe it to. Of course, I am ready to entertain any exceptions as and when they arise.

Okay, chuck all of that! The blog is about me and the only person who's going to be written about is me. (Yeah! Right!)

So saying that 'I am technically challenged' would be an understatement. I don't get it, this technology. It has taken me a hell lot of crap to master Facebook and check my mails when necessary on my very basic laptop. More than that, I am blank! No phones, no ipods, no laptops, no cars, no gadgets; they never excite me, never have. I haven't grown up with unrealistic fascination with the PS3 and hot-wheels back in the day were really the extent of 'gadgets' I have ever understood. Truth be told, I don't get them. I have never wanted to.

When most (read: all!) people you know take 'driving lessons' post their tenth grade Board Exams, you wake up to the rude realization that you're about five years too late. As usual, I am going to attach more than necessary amounts of exaggeration to my next 'quest'.
Yes, yours truly is learning to drive. I think the little information that I don't even know how to ride a cycle should be stated here. Nevertheless, I took my first driving class EVERRRRRRR yesterday and I would have to admit, it didn't go half as bad as I had thought it in my head. Well, that's also because they teach you in 'special' cars which give the teacher the same controls as you, minus the accelerator. So really, I don't think there was too much 'driving' involved from my side anyway. Also, yesterday he told me about the steering wheel and the accelerator only.

Today, brake.

The teacher was a lot more appreciative of my jokes today. I like talking to people. I do. I should probably get into PR or something. In my, what you may call, small talk, I totally asked him if girls were more stupid when it came to driving and other related questions.
He answered in the negative.

I am still going to take my time into making up my mind about the same. It's going to happen only after I learn to drive; which is going to be a while...

Tomorrow, clutch.