Monday, March 12, 2012

"Muchos Besos."

I remember the summer of  2010 clearly because that's when best friend and I decided to get all fancy and take up Spanish. What a riot that was! As usual, I didn't understand jackshit in class but had a lot of fun. 
I like stranger people.

Given the summer break period where parties never end and an excruciatingly early Spanish class time slot, I have walked in on my entire class late, hungover, stinking of  previous nights' misjudgements, swollen lips and some such. And then I would almost embarrass the fuck out of best friend as I would make my way through the class to place my cute ass on the seat next to best friend's. Haha. The shit I put her through... I think she did, in fact, wear a t-shirt that said 'I'm with degenerate' on some days. No, I kid.
I hope.
That was a good summer. Best Friend, I, McD breakfasts, metro rides and so much love :)
I like Spanish- it's less cliche than French and much easier than Mandarin. Obviously, given my bad behaviour in most of my classes, I learnt very little of it...
Muey Bien. Muchas Gracia. Muchos Besos ...

Muchos Besos means Many Kisses. I think. Or something pretty damn close to it.
We are in so deep into our post modernist/traumatic/other fancy 'movements' angst, rebellion and sex. 
Ever wondered whatever happened to just kissing? Pure unadulterated kissing. Like, how we started out in the first place. At places we were probably meant to kiss and those that were forbidden to us. Dingy parking lots, cars, behind classrooms, parents' rooms, in the movies, against the wall, against each other...
Just kissing.
Ever wondered?
I don't think I did. Until now.
And then he happened. 
Eeeeeeeeee :D

Is it completely ridickulous to keep someone around for just kissing?
Bah! I probably put the 'dick' in ridickulous. And spell like a retard.