Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy and Gay

The thing with people of "alternate sexuality" is that they're constantly struggling with their big 'coming out' moment. The social stigma that's attached to not being completely straight is somehow conveniently still accepting of the fact that one may have 'dabbled at school/college for a bit' as long as one is into the opposite sex 100% at the current given time. But I don't think it's the fear of rejection from friends or the fact that one's popularity (that one holds so dear) might be put at stake, it's more than that.

We've all read stuff on the internet about sexuality being fluid and have often had much passionate discussions among our 'more adventurous' friends about it. Of course, there are those who cannot stop talking about their faaabulouuusss gay best friend constantly. Even if you put the ever so popular 'dabbling' aside, it does boil down to being in love with the person essentially and not the person's genitalia (which is the point of crucial difference, I am assuming). The conclusive argument more often that not is seemingly 'to each their own' without much affinity to the thought. 

I think the primary obstacle for people whose sexuality does not fit well under the 'mainstream' is the fact that being gay is not the most interesting thing about them and if people were to know of their sexual preference, it would be all about that and nothing else.
And nobody wants that!