Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I said "Tell me man, when does the fun begin?"

I think Lap Dancing is extremely sexy.
Not sleazy, sexy.

More so, when a guy gives it to you- No, that's a lie. It's rather funny when a guy is giving it to you.
Not sleazy, funny.

It's so cute to see him move his tiny little tush to the mother of 'clean' lap dances' song just for you. After a little more than just a few laughs, there's role reversal and then you do it like it's reallllly done!
Not sleazy, a little slutty perhaps, if you will.
And oh so sexy!

And then other things follow when you seem to be dying several deaths courtesy pleasure and pleasure, alone.  It's appalling to see how he does so many things with so many things including his toes and eyelashes amongst others. Oh! *Good English*!!!
eeeeeeeeeee. It becomes a little hard to contain excitement when the above occurrences might have happened only a little while back.

Dancing makes me very very VERY happy. I have never understood how people 'can't dance'. Something that can impart as much gratification comes naturally; people just don't try enough. It's the most amazing thing in the world, next only to, maybe, a few other things.

'You're a fool whether or not you dance; so you might as well dance' - Japanese Proverb.  

There's a reason Dirty Dancing was called that. It's as mean as it gets; this dance thing.