Thursday, January 13, 2011

You smell like sweet red plums and grilled chesse sandwiches.

I like how the sense of smell was/is a running theme for us since forever.

"I like it when I smell of you."
"I hate it that you don't smell of me anymore."
"Remember how you used to like smelling of me?"
"You know when you hug me like that, I smell your hair."

We have said this and so much more to each other so many times.
Things have changed. You have changed. I know I have too.
But still,
you smell like sweet red plums and grilled cheese sandwich.

Remember how 'The Wedding Planner' was our movie because we tripped so much on this dialogue?

It's 'Lohri' today.
It was 'Lohri' that day.
It's funny how not much has changed; except that I was rather pleased with myself today, anyway.

The winters are getting less chilly now. It was easily 19 degrees today! :P

We should hug a lot more often.
Leaves me smiling for a very very very long time :) :) :)

I do not PMS

I just have this weird feeling of wanting to type in Italics. Italics is underrated, isn't it? It makes the world so pretty. Oh! And cursive handwriting in italics. Bliss.

I've always had a thing for good handwriting. It is such a turn on. Would you rather have someone with good handwriting tell you that he likes you simply or 

Let us, for the purposes of amusement, keep aside the sheer cheesiness of what is written. But the handwriting? How can anyone assume that they would ever be taken seriously if what they wanted to put across was written in that handwriting. Anyway, you know what I am fearing the most right now? 
That the guy who wrote this was to ever read my blog. He isn't too much of a reader, though. And we're 'almost friends' so it could also be a joke. 
Only, it's not.
Oh! Just for the record, it is not by a guy who has just hit puberty. A grown male of about 20years of existence behind him is the creator of this. 
Yes. I don't think it's funny either.

Anyway, my tattoo thing is happening, by all means, by the 20th of this month. I see how my policy, as it were, of 'let's get this over with' has managed to get me a looong looong way since the time of my first breath. I might be dead by then though, you know? Because of anticipating the pain.

Oh. And I was told yesterday that I PMS.  I do not!
I, most definitely, do not.
I almost took offence.
Also, my period for this month is OvUrrrrrrrrrr. I usually do not celebrate the event. But this time it was particularly bad and painful. SO ya.
Speaking of  OvUrrrrrrrrrr, my University Exams finish tomorrow. Needless to say, I am not prepared. In my defense, being a literature student makes me, by default, look down upon the likes of History and Sociology (my credit courses). For someone who did not particularly sweat it over the main papers, it would be a shame if I were to pay any attention to the subsidiary papers. So after the damn paper, we're going to celebrate at this super dingy 'rest-o-bar' place near where I stay. I am soo excited. It is our new 'discovery', as it were. 
Dingy, cheap booze, great food! It is a broke's paradise for a day out, if you ask me. If only they had a smoking zone. Sigh.

The day a girl can smoke on the streets of Delhi without everyone (not only looking but dropping their work and) staring at her, I would know the society has evolved; resolving prejudices. Plus it would make me really really happy. The other night, I made Jaya hold a lit cigarette in his hand while I smoked the one in mine, just to reduce the volumes of the staring as we smoked at night in a shady park. It only struck me later that 'girl-smoking-with-a-guy-at-night' doesn't exactly add up to 'ideal' either.

I am down with a cold too. This might be a problem because I see my drinking plans, in the shady place tomorrow, stand slightly sabotaged, if the condition persists. Being born to doctor parents, your health is least priority, contrary to popular belief. Hence, I am popping some pills that catch my eye. 
Medically Prescriptive? Unsure.
But I don't think it's fun any other way.

I am guessing this post has gone way ahead as compared to the word limit of my other posts. Hence, I shall conclude saying that after exams I am cooking a lot and drinking a lot.
Also, shopping till I am dropping.. almost!
That's the plan.

P.S- Sometimes I think 'spooning' is overrated. Yet, sometimes it's not. Mostly it is, though.
Okay. Bye.