Saturday, December 25, 2010


Because it's embarrassing to tell you not to go because I will miss you
Because I get more than elated when you tell me that you hate to see me go.
Because one of my favourite things to do in life is to sit with you in the car and talk.
Because I never mean to freak you out.
Because I like hugging you a lot.
Because I come in the 'group' things only because I know you'll be dropping me back.
Because my life's greatest fear is that I might drunk-call you someday.
Because my life's greatest tragedy is that I intimidate you.
Because each time you don't call/text/reply, I go into my bubble of self doubt.
Because I like to look at you when you drive.
Because you said my lips are nice, today.
Because I don't get how I make you feel heavy inside.

Because I hope and wish that you'll text tonight.

Because I am not having coffee/chocolate or any of its forms for a month now.

Because you matter.
A lot.