Monday, October 29, 2012

Sudden Realization # 5

I'm having whiskey with water now.
Primarily because seemingly that's all I can afford.
It's funny how money can determine your preferences.

Last month, someone had told me that I shouldn't have my alcohol with Coke. It ruins the taste apparently. Neat, on the rocks or with water, he said. I'd appreciate it more, he said.
It's his birthday today. If I remember to call him during the day, I must tell him of my finances. 
And their impact on my alcohol consumption.

Mr. Butterfly.

There's a butterfly in my tummy, it seems
He's being a little crazy
No one knows what's in his head
That crazy little thing
He tells me of some sweet dreams
Dreams that seem better than reality
Dreams woven out of stardust
But I can't go any further I think
As I tiptoe across unknown paths
I can hear some song d'amour
I listen to it carelessly; I also hear a story
I don't know how the story begins
Or how it ends
I may soon be becoming someone else's person
For a season only perhaps 
Or perhaps, for one season too many
Who knows?
I bet Mr.Butterfly does.

I miss you, my beautiful Delhi Winters.