Monday, October 29, 2012

Sudden Realization # 5

I'm having whiskey with water now.
Primarily because seemingly that's all I can afford.
It's funny how money can determine your preferences.

Last month, someone had told me that I shouldn't have my alcohol with Coke. It ruins the taste apparently. Neat, on the rocks or with water, he said. I'd appreciate it more, he said.
It's his birthday today. If I remember to call him during the day, I must tell him of my finances. 
And their impact on my alcohol consumption.


  1. I remember someone telling me about the neat and on the rocks part as well.... not water though!

    1. Go try!
      Water is cheaper. And even free at a lot of places.

  2. My dad had told me the same thing."Kids have their drinks with coke so that they can get a taste of becoming adults."