Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This Is My Cricket-Related Post

World Cup, 2011
30-03-11, Tuesday
India-Pakistan (semi final)
03-04-11, Saturday
India- Sri Lanka (final)

So I had a tri-colour patch on my face all afternoon.
So I bought a food+drinks+hookah combo to watch the match on a Big Screen Projector.
So I danced to the 'dhol', each time India scored four runs.
So I 'discussed' the first innings with some friends and some not-friends.
So I was hugely disappointed by India's performance.
So I felt a lump in my throat because Pakistan had only 260runs to chase.
So I obediently went out of the room when it was established that each time I entered, Pakistan scored.
So I smiled for a little more than few seconds when We Won :D

And I'm not really a cricket-person.

Life and its many ironies.

Summer afternoons are gloomy on most days. 
Then there are those days, like today, when you sit in air conditioned surroundings to cheer for a team you only half believe in, for a sport you only half understand.
I think it's the feeling of a country being one.
OR just sudden pangs of wanting to conform.

That'd be all.