Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I feel especially hot today. Not the kind where I burn up given the fucking Delhi weather but the kind where I really believe I must get some because 'whoaaa!! what a hottie I am!'.
Either way, I'm toast.
It's been a while since I felt this way. Just generally most days have been the kind where you just want to mope around in tiny denim shorts and over sized t-shirts. And probably eat toast. I could easily credit it to all the approaching exams and my general disregard for each one of them. I wish I get through Bombay though. And all the people I like follow me there. Any help on accommodations would help. But it's not like I'm getting through. Of course, there are the Universities exams; which they should just sack given the general disinterest among one and all. But I don't make the rules. If only, I did. 

I am all cynical about everything. At least for the coming two months. I have actually completely thrown my idea of sexing my way to the top. I don't think it'll work out like it does in my head. Also, I don't think I'm winning a lottery; at least not any time soon. I still know I'd have my own nice house though. Again, not any time soon. But today isn't about complaining. 
Today is about feeling hot. And acknowledging your huge lips!
Today is about not giving a fuck.
Today is about being a couch potato.
Today is about harmless flirting with cuties.
Today is about potentially getting laid.
Today is about feeling hot...
like a yummy buttered warm toast.
Such a cute word, that!