Friday, August 29, 2014


I was going to title this 'flight', but somehow 'udaan' has a nicer ring to it. It's almost like Hindi is the French man's French...uh... you know... foreign language.

Anyway, it is so strange that a bunch of strangers come together to trust a metallic container to take them to their destination through the skies.

If we were in another century, the above lines would be in a fantasy novel. 

Toeing the lines of controversy.

So, my personal writing challenge was a bust!

But it's not like anyone is reading this anymore so I guess this failure can be added to the long list of my personal failures. Can you imagine being a celebrity? All your failures are in the public domain. How faunting must that be!

I think the fact that I cannot even keep up with obligations I put on myself just goes on to prove how I love to toe the lines of controversy.

Either that, or that I don't have too many friends left anymore.

Anyway, seemingly some really good things are happening in life right now.
So is it time to put myself up for another personal writing challenge?
This is where my commitment phobia comes all out.