Sunday, July 28, 2013

I will remember that date for a long time. 

Or so I think right now. I say that because doesn't it often happen that at a given time, the moment seems so significant yet as we go along the way into our futures, the moment ceases to remain 'the moment' and just becomes a moment? A moment that is vague and of which you can't recollect too many details; at least not correctly. And sometimes, however subconsciously, you probably even make up a few details here and there just to make the story fall into place more beautifully. In your head. 

But I think you always remember how that moment made you feel. 

But I digress.

I will remember that date for a long time. 

Let's call him 'Sky'. 
Sky had got his father's black sedan car for the date. A Honda City, if I'm not wrong. I have always liked that car. It was the car I had sex for the first time in. It was the car that was owned by a friend's father I had a crush on. It was the car my father never liked enough to buy for himself notwithstanding his general love for cars. It was the car that just generally made me happy. So now when I think about it more, maybe in Sky's case I want the black sedan to be a Honda City; just to make the story fall into place more beautifully.
In my head.
It was really the most fun I had had on a date without any alcohol and with my clothes on.

In that fancy car, Sky and I got really stoned on some brilliant stash Sky had got from his trip to the North East. Then I took Sky to this cafe in Delhi that is a little secluded from the general humdrum. We smoked cigarettes and ate some crappy sandwiches and talked. I had dressed up for Sky that afternoon. I had the readily displayed passion for him that, on looking back, can only be the forte of a woman like me. I am not flattering myself, no. But I was too stoned to really follow what he was saying and yet, I don't think he was able to see through my feigned interest. I put my hand in front of my face and just observed it and kept thinking of pictures with bokeh effect because everything that stood behind my hand was really a blur.

Or maybe, he was rather stoned himself. 

We got back in 'our black Honda City' as it was time for him to drop me back home. Yes, I am that feminist who will talk about 'promiscuity being as much a right of women as it is of men as we are all equal' one moment and crib the next moment if I don't have one of my men pick me up from the airport. Back in the car, I don't remember too much of what we were doing or saying. It was a pretty conventional ride back home. Except, on the way, the station on the radio decided to play Rockstar by Nickelback.
It's not even about the song or the band, but somehow we both sang out loud to our heart's content; word for word, tune for tune. We head-banged and air-guitared through the song too. It really was magical!
The song ended, we were out of breath like we had had to hastily make out against a stranger of a wall.
We gave each other a look for a second that the back benchers of high school give each other before pulling a prank, we cussed a lot because we were just that overwhelmed without much cause and not even a quick kiss was shared, which really didn't change anything.
And in that moment, I could swear, we were infinite.

I will remember that date for a long time.

I am not a reader. I have probably read about 5 books in my lifetime of a little over two decades. Most of these 5 books I had to read by virtue of having graduated in English Literature. But I read The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky last week and I would highly recommend it to everyone.
I should thank Current Lover and the Teacher who is one of the very very few I have ever liked, for making me read it.
I have been thinking of 'She' for a while now. If you're reading this, I hope you're doing good.
This post is my attempt to get back to blogging, irrespective of who reads it.
Or well, doesn't.