Monday, February 14, 2011

Saint Valentine, Here We Love.

Growing up, Valentines Day was a big deal. Blame it on my all-girls schooling, if you will; but nothing was more gratifying than holding a tacky looking teddy (who in turn held an equally tacky heart!) in one hand while the other hand skillfully maintained a balance between the flowers and the chocolates, that some guy bought to express his undying love for you. Things are different now and fortunately so. I am an appreciator of 'growing out of things'. Maybe not so much appreciator, but definitely a practicer of it. Back in the day, it really was nothing short of a pageant;  a pageant that each girl had to win. When I say 'each', I include the especially lame yours truly too.

Man, I miss school.

The day was spent with my best friend (who also happens to be one of the only-two-readers-of-the-blog-who-know-me). Shopped for some kickass stuff from Forever 21, ate and drank at Hard Rock Cafe and spoke about everything from ants, to birds, to bees, to her, to him(s), to me, to .... you get the drift, right?
Oh! And the food.
The food that we couldn't finish; the food that made us realize that the phrase 'yummy-in-my-tummy' should be taken so much more seriously. It was heavenly, to say the least.
After buying some rather expensive memorabilia from Hard Rock, I felt a stage of almost complete content. I realize it more and more everyday that, whoever said money can't buy happiness, didn't know where to shop.

I can't even begin to explain the feeling I get when I spend some serious money on the things I want more than I need. It's relieving when you walk out of the store with shopping bags in your hands, feeling like a Goddess! Maybe I am exaggerating more than my due, but I truly genuinely believe that 'when I shop, the world gets better.' I am a big bag of warm fuzzy feeling today.
Yes, the feeling is courtesy my extremely (seemingly) materialistic endevours and my best friend :)
No, there's nothing wrong with getting more than a little excited about it.

So now with my new Forever 21 (party) clothes, there's only one thing I need (apart from shoes and some more clothes and a bag), and that is a kickass party to go to.

Till then...

Day 08 - Short term goals for this month and why?

-Serious house-partying.
I might be turning into an alcoholic.

-Going to be home-alone for a bit.

That'd be all, I guess.
I hate planning.