Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I discovered their existence rather early in my life. I've been an ardent fan. 'Love Bites' we called them back in the day. We weren't cool enough to give 'Hickeys' yet.
Love Bites. Love sure does.

Hickeys brand you.
Hickeys are memorabilia.
Hickeys remind you of 'what had been'.
Hickeys keep  record for some hours.
Hickeys keep record for some days even.
Hickeys make people know of your whereabouts.
Hickeys remind you  of your whereabouts.
Hickeys may disappoint parents.
Hickeys may be credited to insect bites for some.
Hickeys are good for you.
Hickeys are proof that you've been loved well;
Even where no love existed at all...

In memory of Bombay, Part Deux.