Sunday, February 13, 2011

Been Around For A While Now

Would you believe, it's been a year since this?? Happy Birthday Blog :)

I have never lasted this long in anything, really. No endeavour, no project, no guy, no shoes, no clothes... nothing! Yes, there have been moments of highs and lows, consistency and the lack of it; but all in all, I have made it this far. I think I deserve more than some credit.

I don't think I write the same way I did only a year back. I don't think I write about the same things anymore. Sometimes I think it's because of the lack of misery in my life. Or is it the sheer indifference towards it? Malice, maybe? I don't know. Whatever it is, it's not important. I have 'invested' a year of my life, almost consistently, on something I am not even getting paid for; not yet, anyway! I hardly ever read and re-read my writings. It pains me too much to realize that what I write, really, isn't worth two hoots. Regardless, as cliche as it may sound, it is therapeutic in more ways than one. It's a cyberspace version of 'comfort food', as it were.

Of all the things, I like the anonymity bit the best.
I like that this blog is 'almost' nameless and faceless. I like the fact that most of the people who know me are not aware of it's existence. The extremely few who are, don't read it; except for the two. Hence, it's my space alone. Isn't it pretty cool how I have an archived life on the internet, you know?

Of  love, hate, pain, parties, travel, sex, food, laughter, tears, money, college, friends, this, that and some more; the blog seems to have witnessed it all over the past year. Here's hoping I keep at it.

I remember how starting out, I was convinced that no one ever read my blog or will ever do. I was okay with that, really. I just didn't see how anyone would ever find me. It was 'comfort food', remember? Mine alone. And then 'followers' happened. Comments had happened. I got a bit of freelance work. I felt acknowledged.

It's a special feeling when the world decides to acknowledge the average.

If the blog gets older, maybe I should do a 'Best Of Orange Plum' posts?
Maybe I should stop fantasizing about lame things?