Sunday, September 19, 2010

Get out of my face! I have a gig to go to...

The things I'll never be able to tell you in person because you are almost a suicidal piece of crap!
Your neediness disgusts me. It breeds hatred in me. I choose not to cultivate. I cannot heed to your constant need of attention. I understand break ups are hard. But that does not make it okay to swing to and fro between that girlfriend of yours and me. And oh! the snooze fest about how you miss her and how she is everything you ever had and *snooze*.... Just talking about it is nauseating. And then there are those days, when seemingly I am the most beautiful person you have ever come across and to pamper and spoil me is where your calling in life lies. If only you could see how abnormal this is. "please hug me!" "please kiss me!" "please love me!".... PLEASE STOP! I have every right to not take your calls when I don't want to; I have every right to not reply the very second my phone flashes '1 new message. *You*'. The last time I checked, this was a free country! I have enough problems of my own for me to devote my life to yours.
Hence, for your sake and mine, I need you to get out! Get out of my life! Let me be. I have friends to meet, people to fall in love with, things to create, paths to tread, materials to buy, gigs to attend...

My drummer best friend. I have never heard him play, yet. Sad, I know. However, today the glorious day has finally arrived!!!!!!! I am attending his gig, and very excitedly so. This is the first time ever that I have got the deadly combination of self will to go and permission to go :)
Must look like a girl, smell like beautiful things, kohl eyes to create the illusion of big-ness and scream and shout! You will find me holding out a placard saying 'I AM WITH THE BAND' in one hand and a lifted lighter in the other and jumping in my happy red converse. :D

YOU. Get out of my face! I have a gig to go to!