Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sudden Realization # 2

According to Best Friend's budgeting skills, I need a minimum of 30 grand in the month of June to fulfill all my basic shopping requirements. Sigh.

Mum should settle for 15 at least.

The Girl With The Sports Shoes.

I once met a girl
In this crazy ass world
Who was brighter than sunshine
And who was looking for a sign
A sign of true love she looked for
She knew she'd find it for sure
But that's not the reason for this note
And here's hoping she finds her love boat
The one thing I'd never forget she told me
Because it was so fascinating to be
Is that she loved wearing shoes at all times
With them she could fight all crimes
When things would go wrong, as they will
When life would be at a pathetic standstill
She would run.. run away to glory
Not look back and never be sorry
And to run she'd need her sports shoes
Too go wherever she would choose
In all her adventures her feet would be protected
And everything would be just as she expected.

Ze Shoes.

I don't think she'd even remember telling me any of this this. But you know? How somethings just stay with you for no good reason.
"Shoes are important. Kuchh ganda hua toh kahin pe bhi bhaag sakte ho. You won't slip if you have the right shoes on"