Sunday, June 3, 2012


I'm still left with a major portion of my toughest exam this year. When's the exam, you ask? Tomorrow morning at 9. At 23:11, I wonder how much five minutes of blogging will take away from my anyway redundant studying plan.

I went to Bombay for a a Post Grad interview immediately after my last exam and returned yesterday. The interview sucked, by the way. Anyway, the trip was really like a loong sleepover of sorts. I met people and had seemingly a really great day. I have grown up fancying Bombay. I knew I'd love it without any introduction even. However, I don't. I hate that place!
Bombay is ugly, overcrowded, dirty and so fuckin' poor. And the traffic! The motherfuckin' traaafffiiccc!! On my way back from the airport, I was actually going to tell my cab driver to stop the cab somewhere so that I could lie down on the Delhi roads and make some sweet love to it. Bombay made me cry. For no good reason. It can't be the traffic alone. After really long did I cry with such intensity. The worst part however iss, that the water taps haven't completely stopped in Delhi either. This better be PMS or I'm blaming my parents for all my miseries.

We live like kings in Delhi even in our poverty, someone once said to me. Delhi serves everything on a platter to everyone. Of course, there's familiarity of all these years and personal connections. But apart from that, Delhi is easy. If you don't want to rush, you can be laid back as fuck. You can always get someone else to do the work for you. Bus, Metro, Auto, Car- you'd find your footing somewhere and not be bogged down by the weight and sweat of 800 passengers in one square inch. If you don't wanna go clubbing, you go karaoke. If you can't afford the cool bar in Saket, there'll always be a cheaper alternative in a humble abode near your place. Which will also have ac, might I add. Unlike Bombay.

Of course nightlife rocks in Bombay apparently because the entire evening goes in commuting. I would need all pubs open till early morning too if I needed 3 hours to get from any point to any point. Of course, the city never sleeps because it's always stuck in traffic! 

It may be because perhaps I am too much of a Delhiite apparently to survive a Bombay. And to think I had never thought ot myself that way before. Delhi tends to spoil you. Bombay doesn't give scope for your way of life; it's the city's way. You either embody the ''spirit'' of Bombay and be it or well, just never fit in.

Oh. It's 23:21.

This was going to be a distraction post from all the studying that I don't understand. Why is it a Bombay v/s Dehi debate, I have no idea.