Monday, April 6, 2015


So as part of my promise to make this blog more consistent again and to not disappear on it for too long, I've asked some of my favourite people to guest blog for me. They've been given the freedom to blog about anything and they don't have a deadline. Let's do this!

A couple of days back, I met an old friend; the person who you wish you could be when in school, the person who everyone knows about, that every time there is an activity, his/her name is called upon. The business class of a commercial flight, the front row on an opening night...

But now after so many years of friendship, lest of insecurities or envy, that person still stands ahead with each step we take. Busy with all the work around, busy with people who are fond, like a worm in a fish full pond. I’m aware it’s a different life and a different stage, but didn't we all start at the same age? With the books read, movies watched, and drinks on round, there is always a different vibe similar to that popular sound.

But now when I look at these things, I realize that my mind and thoughts have got their own wings. Evolved and calmer they are, but still left with a few pride on those wee hours.

“These things aren’t of any cause; we drink, we travel, we chill and eat chakli with schezwan sauce”

A couple of days back, I met an old friend. Let’s see what he has in store for me in his news bulletin.