Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Letter Of Love

Every time someone miss pronounces a word..
Every time someone fucks up their grammar..
Every time someone tries to act cool..
Every time someone shows off..
Every time he says 'fuk u yar'..
Every time i meet ze 'Ramesh'..
Every time someone doesnt hug me right..
Every time someone calls me a bitch..
Every time someone tries to get me hooked to any series..
Every time someone bitches about their college..
Every time i smoke..
Every time my teeth dig into Al bake's shawarma..
Every time i have a birthday gift to give..
Every time i need someone to walk me through he phone till the parlour..
Every time i wear underpants that say 'its raining men' to my waxing sessions..
Every time some one fishes for compliments..
Every time someone acts 'demented'..
Every time i have to tell someone how evolution might not be entirely true..
Every time i make plans around 2012..
Every time memories of my face being sucked for fifty minutes flash before my eyes..
Every time i think of a certain somebody's sex life..
Every time pretty girls from Dubai and around participate in reality shows..
Every time 'Behne de' plays..
Every time i have to tell some one about my fifty thousand (and more) things i plan to do in life..
Every time i wear your tee-shirt and think of the others am going to steal..
Every time 'gillu/sheru..err anything but preeto' decides to LIKE a page on facebook..
Every time a male species with that thing dangling down there decides to make THE heart.. <3
Every time niharika ignores the crap out of me..
Every time i have to hog..
Every time someone cant quite express love..
Every time someone gets awkward when i touch them too much..
Every time i am rumoured to be 'going out' with someone..
Every time i hear music i don't quite get..
Every time anything female's clothing item is unable to hold her boobs completely..
Every time the 'housefull' team decides to appear for an interview explaining how much hard work was put in the making of the movie..
Every time mumma says 'hairband'..
Every time there's a mention of 'Big Apple'..
Every time i see the cover of Pride and 'Prejudice'..
Every time we think we are cool enough to hang out in ze dilli..
Every time fatherkind gets on to the last of my little nerves..
Every time all this and so much more happens..
I Miss You.
dude,Two months is way too long.
You GET my weird ass lame examples.
you don't stare at me when i hog.
you don't care when i don't put kajal.
you take my crappy gifts.
you always pretend that u care about things thats don't even matter.
you take my nonsense.
you cross the god forsaken 'bridge' to meet me.
you let me call u jaya and refer to u as a girl.
you are so pretty.
I love you. so much so much so much. soooper yooo arre.
come back already.

p.s- going back to my weird ass examples and references, in Sex and the City-the movie, when Samantha's boyfriend, Smith Jerrod buys her this fab and super super expensive ring, she confirms that "'s a ring with diamonds and not a diamond ring, right?".
Similarly, this, my favourite person, is 'A Letter Of Love' and not a love letter.

Love Love Love :)