Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haircuts and Other Cravings.

Pearls of Wisdom :
  • When you go to get your hair cut really short and come back home with the feeling that it is not short enough from the back, cutting it yourself is not the best call. Ya. So it took me a very long time but I have managed to even it out now. Almost, anyway. A mother who is not supporting of your actions and is all "I will not even it out- take responsibility for your actions" isn't exactly a ray of hope.
  • When you are faced with the evil (read: Examinations!), you must, consciously, avoid eating. You end up realizing that not only have you not studied jack-shit for the exam, you have also ended up eating (and subsequently looking) like a pig. Really.
  • When you are a self-proclaimed chocolate and milk hater and you suddenly find these urges in your body that crave for chocolate cake or Oreo shake, you know food is all you're thinking about; Doomsday. Pig! Pig!
  • When you realize that the bag you're using for the past two weeks was given to you by someone who hit you and you continue to use it out of sheer laziness, you must know that there isn't an ounce of dignity or integrity that can be found in you.
  • When you continue to believe Bob after the one million and one times you've been let down, you are possessed.
  • When you plan parties and look forward to all things beautiful that're going to happen post the damn exams, you realize how much importance you attach to them.
  • When you get sick to your stomach because you're trying so hard to make conversation with someone that you think matters, words don't flow.
  • When you just can't get your best friend to meet you, your trying over and over won't help. In all probability, she is over you, anyway! Sigh. YES! I AM TALKING TO YOU@
  • When your toes hurt three days into the new year, your resolution to not wear high heels this New year's eve is going to fail.
  • When you know that the major reason behind your life sucking a few years back was math, it's true. I have never encountered anything more depressing or taxing. I am just glad it's out of my life for a little over two years,now.
  • When you paint your nails green the night before the exam, the examiner might not be too appreciative of it.
  • When you think it might be funny to tell your otherwise-jolly-mum "How hard can it be? You did it! Hahahaha", the humor might not be reciprocated. At all.
  • When you're gonnnneeeeeee... Ya! I was just trying to stick to the "when you" theme I got going on here. Also, you must never feel guilty of the fact that songs by Avril Lavigne still make sense to you and Britney Spears was/is Goddess type of person.. It's Britney Bitch! :P

You know how there are some things that no one tells you but you learn anyway?