Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

January, 2010.

I really haven't been to too many places.
I hate travelling. I don't see the point!
But Goa was something.
Five days. Girlfriends. Vodka. Smokes ( I feel the need to mention Godang Garam here). Music. Beach. Chicken. Dance. AWESOME!!
Maybe we should go end of year, Peeeeto? Sunburn?

Also, I am over Vodka for a while now. Rum and Coke is my new poison.

Anyway, Delhi is the shit! I love Delhi and everything about it.
The people, the places, the food... oh! The Food!!
Everyone should just come to Delhi and be here forever.
But I have to have to-have  to-have to go to Mumbai. Soon.
And Pune.
And Leh-Ladakh.

Oh! The picture is at Colva Beach, Goa. And that distant, tiny person is me.
Being tall is overrated, man!