Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 05 - A picture of somewhere you’ve been to.

January, 2010.

I really haven't been to too many places.
I hate travelling. I don't see the point!
But Goa was something.
Five days. Girlfriends. Vodka. Smokes ( I feel the need to mention Godang Garam here). Music. Beach. Chicken. Dance. AWESOME!!
Maybe we should go end of year, Peeeeto? Sunburn?

Also, I am over Vodka for a while now. Rum and Coke is my new poison.

Anyway, Delhi is the shit! I love Delhi and everything about it.
The people, the places, the food... oh! The Food!!
Everyone should just come to Delhi and be here forever.
But I have to have to-have  to-have to go to Mumbai. Soon.
And Pune.
And Leh-Ladakh.

Oh! The picture is at Colva Beach, Goa. And that distant, tiny person is me.
Being tall is overrated, man!


  1. GOA... lets :)

    Its Colva not Colaba :P too eager for Mumbai are we?

    From that distance even if I was clicked i would have looked that tiny. So lets not get heights into it.

  2. LOL, I was a Vodka person in college... Now Im totally a Whiskey girl. Intimidates the guys for some reason :D Im nicknamed my-Glenfiddich-Girl by the man ;) :P (move over boys :D)

    ...and I was at Delhi for half hour and I was :| Unluckily, since I was wearing shorts, I got some strange experiences that Thanks but No Thanks me to Delhi. Sigh. :|

    Mumbai. My home. iHeart :)

    Leh-Ladakh planned for this summer end. Fingers crossed for that one! (I realize that I'm turning into this planner... sheesh, its taking the fun out of things :P)

    I stayed at Colva when I went WOOOHOOO GOAAA with my girlies too!!! :) The starlight walk was really nice :)

    Hope to see you in my city soon :)

  3. @preeto- Being tall ISSSS overrated!!! Face it!! I get shoes my size. And dresses are never 'too short'. I can wear dresses too short because I won't look awkward.

    @she- Delhi is awesome!!! COme here again! I'll make you fall in love with it!! Even with it's share of lecherous men (and women!), Delhi is the best thing that's happened to India. Really.

    And how do you hope to see me when you don't let me see you? :P