Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fucking Up.

What is it about fucking up that makes it so easy? We all do it almost out of habit. At one moment, we have all that we thought we wanted. Even if it isn't, it's satisfactory. It gives us happiness.
And then what do we do? We go ahead and fuck it up. We fuck it up really bad.
Of course, we always want everything we do in life should be just like in the movies. Only there aren't any retakes in real life just like in the movies. You can't undo in life, man! And what a tragedy that is. So we go ahead and fall in love. Real love at that. You can tell it's true. There is such little truth in the world that you know one when you see one.
And then what do we do? We go ahead and fuck it up. We fuck it up really bad.
We hurt the people important to us. We feel stupid and lost and oh so sorry. We can barely justify it. We have this recurring pain in the general heart area. We realize that you don't die of a heartbreak, you just wish you did. We put everything we love on stake for what, one may wonder. For the sake of pleasure? Happiness? Thrill?
I think we do it because we are basically horrible people.
We go ahead and fuck it up. We fuck it up really bad.
Horrible people tend to fuck up more than the rest.

This Is Where You and I Meet.

Change is a constant. And so is sorrow.

This is me.
Same blog, different url.
I missed you, oh anonymity.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sudden Realization # 6

I don't think I can ever have the patience to be with someone who does not understand my relationship with alcohol.
Life is hard enough anyway.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

GOING Going gone...

Best Friend : How come your blog doesn't have a post of your homecoming? Is it now only reserved for men and alcohol?

HaHaHa... that. Also, I didn't have internet access on my last day in Bombay and this week in Delhi has been beautifully busy. I'm leaving tomorrow morning after a very very eventful and an extremely fulfilling week in Delhi. To add to the drama  in my life that has notched up since the time I set foot in the Mumbai Airport last Saturday, Balasaheb Thackray passed away yesterday. My neighborhood in Bombay is apparently not at its peaceful best. However, my very posh South Bombay college isn't the most lenient with attendance. So tomorrow I'm going to land in the 'dream city' and hope that I'm not stoned by strange men.
I also hope that I get stoned tomorrow.. but that's another story.

In other news, I've planned to cook tomorrow night. For Him.

I've said this once and I'm saying this again... Only this time with much more authority;
Bambai Meri Jaan, Be Nice!