Friday, February 4, 2011

A Revelation

I like screaming.
I gained awareness of the fact only a few hours ago. Talk about lack of self-knowledge!

I always saw myself as being someone away from violence of any kind. Too scared, really. I hardly lose temper and in the rare occasions I do, I make a joke out of it or switch off for a bit. No dramatic monologues for me. Okay, some dramatic monologues for me; but only in the confines of my private space. Even in the most brutal of confrontations, I have managed to be that girl who very calmly conducts herself with appropriate amounts of meanness and gets her way. As guilty as I may be, I have also resorted to crying sans any(much) noise. The joy of screaming has been very ignored by me, until today.

I felt so light and powerful. This, when I didn't even scream for something important. I wonder how relieving it's going to be when I scream for a real reason. It's underrated and definitely leaves with a sense of empowerment. Anyway, after a pissed off day and dealing with some seriously 'in-need-of-IQ' people, I found solace in the world wide web.Facebook notified me about a certain somebody's post on my wall. It was a post titled 'orange plum, this is for you'. It's then I realized all over again that if there's anything more endearing that screaming, it's a nice gesture when you least expect it.

I like to call her my blog admirer to flatter myself. But more importantly, she is this tiny and extremely engaging little person who I love talking to. I am not big on adding random people on Facebook and/or interacting with (whatever little of) my blog readers outside the realms of blog-space, but I don't know what fateful day it was that I made a little exception and entered her in.
I like her energy and her OCD'd self; it helps me get away from my issues.
She helps me get away from my issues.
And the Universe knows, I have serious issues.

She told me I have an attention span of a 7year old, once. Just how is someone who is at least 83950kms away from supposed to know that? :O

So here's to you Isha Maniar and I would like to end by promising you that I do not intend to scream at you ever; however much  may want to.
Oh! Also, now you better smile so much more than you should!

P.S- For those who might have a PHD in missing the point, 83950 is a hypothetical figure and may be part of a very special phone number.
Mine :P