Tuesday, February 23, 2010

'Cause you're stupid baby when you're sane.

Over the (very very little) years that I have spent living, there's just one thing I have been able to establish for sure; that I like crazy !
That's one of the extremely few things I have ever been good at. No, there are no claims of havin balls (err..!!?) of steel here. I am as un-adventurous as un-adventurous gets. You will never hear of me jumping off planes, climbing the Himalayas, going trekking across the Annapurnas..yada yada.. when I say 'crazy', I mean strictly of the kind where there isn't a risk to human life involved.When you let go every once in a while (or twice or thrice in a while :P) it's the crazy-ness we bring in our lives that teaches us that it's okay to screw up sometimes. It's okay to make a fool out of yourself sometimes. It's nice to be able to laugh at yourself. That it's so much for satisfying to laugh at someone else (*evil grin*). The point being, crazy is good, crazy is fun, crazy is me :D

So now that I am at it, just thought it would be nice to 'record' one such activity which, one would say, is capable of epitomizing the concept of craziness.

I am eighteen.
I got my self registered on...wait for it...wait for it...shaadi.com.
Hilarious,isnt it?
In the beginning, yes !
Ideally, a common WOMAN's (enough of the patriarchal 'common man'. We contribute to the sex too, you know?) opinion about such sites wont be too high. But the amount of information you havto fill in is appalling. From your physical appearances to job to education to annual income to family background to medical history to the colour of your crap to BLAHH ! They strip you down. I gave the basic mandatory information and topped it with cheesy vibes of being a "convent-educated-good-homely-girl-next-door" in the "about me" and some "pati-parmeshvar-ish" bullcrap in the 'qualities I'm looking for in my partner' section.

All fun and games. crazy is on. it gets crazier.

For that half-filled-lollipop of a a profile, I got some thousand 'potential grooms' and my phone kept buzzing, giving me notifications about the same. Creepy desperados,much? I think so.
Cut to next grand (read:crazy) step. Add a picture. Being against morphing and plagiarism of any kind, I decided to post my own picture. Never before did I feel as pretty in my life. The number of the potential grooms who were interested in 'knowing me more', increased by the second! My phone boob-shaked like a slut.
The constant messages had to stop.
This had to stop.
I did the obvious.
I changed my number for one of my best friend's. It was all taken care of. I loved the 'crazy' attention I got on the cyber space and how the best friend swore to kill me if he had to read anymore of my msgs from the 'shaadi group'. It was AWESOME!!!

Crazy turned creepy by the day. From being interested in profiles only, 'potential grooms' started being interested in the (drop dead gorgeous good) looks and gave (not so) subtle hints about possible meeting in the near future. Finally creeped out, I decided to delete the profile that got me my 15seconds (nah..a hell lot more than that) fame online.
Turns out, there's a price to pay for 'crazy'. There isn't an option of deactivating what I 'crazy-ly' started with ever so much enthusiasm. The bomb had dropped. I was stuck in the matrimonial mockery for life. My world was flashing in front of my eyes now. Flash by flash. My end seemed near (aah..the good old melodrama!).
And then it happened.
I did stumble upon the darn option of deleting one's profile. They asked me the resaon for it. An option being 'met my partner', I struck that*sighs*.
'through friends'
*sighs more*.
And that was that. with a congratulatory msg from the shaadi group for having found my partner
*going breatheless, sighing*
they had successfully deleted my account.
Shall miss it..NOT!

P.S- Not dying alone after all, huh? :P

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