Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because I am bossed around. Sigh

So you would think after spending eighteen years on the planet you become 'your own person', as it were.You think you are someone who's a lot less answerable to people and you would think that you do only what u want to do. Obviously enough, that's a myth.Being eighteen is overrated, anyway. The evident presence of the people who bring you to the world (i.e, parents, for people who are good at missing the point) doesn't necessarily prove too helpful in the endeveour.
Hence, in this world where you are constantly being bossed around , someway or the other, you do hav some people you love too much to refuse to.
These very people take advantage of the blind faith u place in them... honestly, its appauling !

This particular piece of crap refferred to as my BLOG is a result of me being bossed around by two of such people.
My favourite teacher in the world has urged me to create a blog. Actually, to get into freelance writing. To polish n keep in practice my (unbelievably awesome :P) writing skills Now anybody who knows me would know that I wouldn't care two hoots about any god damn teacher but her.SO here I am, Part of the blog-wagon.

You would think that when you're bitching your favourite teacher out to one of your best friends, best friend would side with you. That's how things work in the ideal world, yes. But if you're best friends with Jayant Parashar, not only are you told how super the idea is but are also nagged and constantly reminded henceforth about writing the god damn blog!

So here I am, putting words to the random-ness life is.

Now, just how bad could 'blogging' be? What if I become one of those published writers of a 'chic-lit' and write about a young girl in the big bad world and how she finds true (and rich) love by the end of it? That would make me very very rich, yes. So even though two of my very respected and loved people are proving to be effective pains in my rather cute ass right now, they could be contributing (secretly, of course) to a rather satisfactory financial standing in the society in future :P Ha! The world and it's ways.

Let the Blog begin.
For me; By me; Of me.


  1. Hmm.... So now over here, THE BOSS, if not you, then who?

    /A M.S (AnonyMouS)

  2. I guess, not bossed around anymore, eh? :_)