Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween, Diwali and All That !

We dressed up. Put heaps of makeup. Had an epic of a fun night.
Halloween it was!
Yes. We are finally old enough to host parties out of the ordinary. Halloween isn't reaaaalllly an Indian festival. Hell, I don't even know anything about it except for the fact that there's a lot of thematic representation of death and blood and ghosts and the likes?
Yes. I could be devastatingly wrong.
No. I couldn't care less about it to Google it.
Point being, we had a super super wooper awesome party themed 'Halloween' and even our, otherwise 'very macho', boys let us dress them up.

As devoted Facebook worshipers, obviously one million and one pictures were clicked and put up soon after. Amidst all the tagging, commenting, liking etc, a friend of mine decides to untag his pictures off the album. No. I wasn't pissed (That's a lie!) but I really thought we should know about his erratic behaviour.
I intruded.
He said he was embarrassed.
"Of what?", I asked; still not pissed (lie#2)
Apparently his friend had said something which didn't fail at making complete sense;
"You guys celebrated Halloween? Really? It's like the Americans celebrating Diwali!!!! hahahahaha".

Aping the West, much? Questionable.
Globalization? I think so. :P

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Halloween, Happy Diwali and all that comes in between.

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