Friday, December 17, 2010



We were (still are?:O) a bunch of wannabes!

The days when we captioned pictures of ourselves with "moi".
The days when we wrote 'testimonials/profile comments' for each other as though we were marketting each other.
The days when 'no. of profile visits' was the trump card.
The days when albums about every little moment (including a sneeze!) weren't put up.
The days when this and so much more happened.
The days when we were active members of the good old 'Hi5'.

What happens when you pledge to deactivate your Facebook account?
You dig up some old graves and sign in your Hi5 account.
What do you find?
A bunch of lame lame LAME losers who seem to have been using your and your friends' names for some Hi5 accounts! Seriously!
That couldn't be us, for real! Could it? No. They were/are different people. They've got to be.

The ugliness of the pictures back in the day doesn't even begin to crack me up. We were so damn ugly. Each one of us.
Thank the Universe we have grown out of it- looking like that, for starters. Phew!

From the 'About me' to the 'Favourite books/music/movies' la la la it was all multiple levels of wannabe-ness. It is surreal, that page!

Brought back some memories; some nice and fun, some not so.

Amidst all the lameness, one thing that particularly stood out for me:

Back in the day, I was with this guy named Angad. Some good times with him.

Picture of Angad with two of his female friends doing the whole patent Charlie's angels pose on his either side. You know? Back facing back Making guns with your hand.
Caption : "Hii!!My Name Is Charlie...Wud U B My Angel...hehe jst playinn!!"
My comment below the picture: "im ur angel 4eva...wud u b my charlie? lol.. u luk ammzin!"

Yes. I laughed too.
A lot.
Clearly the '4eva' didn't remain...

Facebook! Come back! I am so much cooler with you. Or so I would like to believe. Sigh.
Wait till I look back at you and blame you for my quirks.

Next up? Orkut, maybe.


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha