Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 07 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

This might sound almost like a 'thank you' speech straight out of a Film Award Night, but I truly genuinely believe that way too many things and way too many people have had super huge impacts on me. To single anyone of them out as the 'biggest' seem rather unfair!
So here goes.
(I will try and put them in the order of their entries in my life)

Caution: This is going to be ratherrrrrrrrrrrrr long!
Fact: I am not really a picture collector, per se. 
Assumption: That the 'impact' being dealt here is not necessarily positive.

A lot of people and things have made an impact on my life. Each one of them make me the person I am today. It may be of no consequence to anyone else on the planet but hey! it's my blog. So suck it, you!

1. Mum. 
I think this is self explanatory. I don't think anyone can ever hate their moms. Maybe it's possible. I, for one, take my identity from her. There are times when she makes me pull my hair and I drive her up the wall; but her impact on my existence is unquestionable. There are no claims of being 'best friends' here, but I love her to death. Always have, always will. 

Some things shouldn't be dwelled into too much. At all. Period.

3. Mana Uncle.
My parents' friend. He is the coolest and the oldest bachelor I know. At a-little more-than-slightly-over-60, you're the one with the heart. If there ever is one person I aspire to grow up to become like, it's got to be him. It hurts me to see him be so ill now. He's special. He taught me the meaning of life, as it were.

4. Rocky.
I feel umpteen amounts of cool when parts of Elegy remind me of us. You, Sir, are a genius. Have learnt so much more from you than I can ever thank you for.

5. Sadhna Ma'am.
I learnt Kuchipudi from her as a kid. She made me find the love for dancing from within me. I will always be indebted to her.

6. Writing.
Being in a Convent system of education, one's love and flair for writing is always encouraged. I think it's brilliant; this ability and will to write.

My first best friend, first 'boyfriend' and the first death I have ever had to encounter. RIP, you. The guy looks so much like you, it is disturbing. If there is a 'god', he better be taking kickass care of you.

8. Ross.
The one and the only. Forever. Almost.
The good, the bad, the ugly; been there, done all that!

9. Cigarettes
"There's always one addiction that just cannot be controlled."
It helps me think, really. I was ashamed of this discovery in the beginning, yes. But thinking is important.

10. Mrs. Matthews.
I don't think any teacher has meant that much. Ever. Amidst all her case-taking, witty liners and amusing faces, I know she cares a hell lot for me and expects even more out of me. I strive to not disappoint her. I do.

11. Bollywood
As corny as it may sound, but I am all 'Helloooo Bollyyyywoood!!'. I have grown up watching all things Bollywood and my fascination is constant, if not growing. I love everything about it.

12. Rains and Winters.
Both the seasons have witnessed some of my major life changing moments. They're surreal for sure. I like the touch of the rain; almost as much as human touch. Winters are too pretty for me to bind them in words.

13. 10th grade Math and Science tuition at Madhuri Ma'am's.
Eventful Year. Sigh :')

14. F.R.I.E.N.D.S (the sitcom)
I live it all through each one of them. Enough said.

15. School.
Seen me laugh, cry, fight, crib, play, get suspended and so much more.

16. Preeto
As different as chalk and cheese
But just like pods in peas
Ooo.. Looks like I am a poet
And we didn't even know it!

Oho! I am on a roll now :P

This is the closest I am going to get to actually telling her that I think she's pretty cool and that her influence in my life is beyond what she may give herself credit for.

17. Trishi
It's so weird how sometimes you've people around you who think and feel exactly like you but you happen to acknowledge them so late in life. Maybe it's all about the moment, after all. She is THE mother and The husband. Err.. yes. We're twisted like that. Thank you for watching my back in every possible way.

18. Palak and Astha
They bring out the 'mother' in me, really. They're my little babies. That sounds so wrong! Anyway, I don't think I am as protective about anyone else as I am about them. It physically hurts me to see them in pain of any kind.
Love you Palak.
Love you Astha.

19. Delhi
I can't believe I was almost going to miss this out in the list.
The City Is The Love. It is beautiful in more ways than one. Must write a post about it. Soon. A true 'Dilliwalah' and proudly so; there's a reason it's the capital of the nation over the other states.

20. College.
I think it is in college that you really receive an education. It doesn't remain bookish anymore. It's a whole new feeling and it makes you a whole new person with whole new perspectives. Also, the bus rides in my first year of college established for me that all men ever want to do is grab your ass in the sneakiest of ways.

21. Niharika
<3. I don't know what I would do without her. It gives me the chills just thinking about it.

22. The colour black
It says 'Notice. But don't intrude'. I love it. I am naturally drawn to all things black.

This has gone completely different than what I had intended it to be.
Nevertheless, in true Eminem style, "To the people I forgot to thank, u weren't on my mind for some reason & u probably don't deserve any thanks anyway."

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