Saturday, January 15, 2011

I found it hard, it's hard to find. Oh well, whatever, never mind...

This entire 'game', as it were, was so much more easier only a few years back.

Things were easier to end. They didn't matter as much.
If the guy called it quits; she would cry, friends would help, he would 'become' a bastard.
If the girl called it quits; he would abuse, friends would help, she would 'become' a slut.
It really was as simple.

Today, however, things are not the same. There'e so much emotional effort and taxing politics that goes into it.  One's never quite there. It's strange but true. One's either trying and getting into a relationship or getting out of one. The 'in a relationship' seldom occurs. Call me cynical, if you will, but maybe it's a the generation and it's big baggage full of a hell lot of crap that smells of commitment issues. But honestly, it's like nothing is permanent. I hardly know happy 'parents', you know? But then is that really a bad thing?? Nothing is permanent; not even the happiness in other people's lives. How ever bitchy/nasty, it isn't completely false.

I really have very vague memories of  the last time I was 'going out'. Ah! The lousiness of the term makes me nauseous. Anyway, when exactly do you start to 'go out'? When exactly are you friends enough to be in a monogamous relationship? When exactly do you start sharing too good a friendship and hence rule out the possibility? 
Vague memories. Forgotten reminiscence. 

The idea of 'The One' is obviously a freaking utopia. But even on realistic benchmarks, the build up is hard at the moment. There's no right landing.
There's Mr.Right and Mr.Right Now.
The former is not in sight. It makes you wonder, hence, if the latter is worth it at all?

Like Trishi put it just right in one of our million moments of enlightenment: 
'Either you are in a relationship since d past 10,000 years.. Or u are never getting into one !! Universal Truth!'

Maybe the rules are changing. Also, the priorities. 
More importantly, the needs.
Most importantly, the realities!

Song of the moment : Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana.
No. It has nothing to do with the post.


  1. BANG ON!

    "The One" - idea invented by some freaking lunatic on dope who wasn't getting any :D

    I love this post!

    It made me realize how much this is all true!

  2. your blog is so imature. and obsesive abt boys,relationship, sex and ur frnds. waste o time.

  3. @Anonymous(din't have the guts to even write a fake name?):: You might get a pulitzer prize or something for the "very-intellectual-articles" however, orange plum is going to be much more loved and cherished by the fans! yes. indeed.

    Just Saying.

  4. @anon- if everyone starts writing mature blogs, who'll write the immature ones?
    Also, the next time around maybe you should consider running a spell-check on your comments. Regardless, here's what I tell most people : Don't like it. Don't read it :)

    @It's good to be alive- Loving the support :D :D

  5. Jeez Anony, your spellings suck! Did ya go to grade school at all?!

    And please you are making other anonymous people like me looks bad! :|

  6. I think things are still as simple as they used to be,atleast when they end.Being in a relationship is complicated,yes,and in the end all the effort seems like such a waste. :/

  7. Because there IS so much effort. Emotionally, especially!
    Now sex on the other hand...

  8. Being in true relationship. Those moments of the so called Nirvana, often has meant, being true to oneself and showing the true self to the other.

    But I wonder, if the feeling still would be same if a y was replaced by a y1. It must be our biased viewpoint or attachment that makes us think y is better than y1, and then open up to this particular y. Love is always in air, its just that we let it to chance!!! [yes debatable i know or as some put it utterly gross thought chain].

    /A M.S (AnonyMouS)

  9. I don't think I get your point of view. Sigh.