Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just a thought.

Yours truly has been studying. Gasp all you want, it's true!
Studying and day dreaming about what life-after-University-exams would be. Siiigggghhhhh.

Anyway, I was just thinking, if I were to randomly stop posting on my blog, would anyone stop to consider that I might be dead? For real?
Like, how would anybody who reads my blog find out about my death?

Just A Thought.


  1. I did!
    I considered the possibility of you being dead.

    Please don't die on me?

  2. I think about this thing all the time. Like, randomly dropping dead without having a chance to announce it to the world via twitter or blogspot. It's just not done. Probably I'll do a ghost-post. xD

  3. ^Or even facebook.
    I mean, the world needs to know.

    But you don't post so often, so errm. It's difficult to reach that conclusion.

  4. They might not knoe but they will surely miss your posts :)

  5. Your long absence. And the pessimist I am.
    But nothing was posted on facebook by anyone on your wall. So :D I knew everything was okay.

    PS: Randomly if I drop dead and my facebook wall is flooded with "miss you's", don't write anything. I'm not a big fan of mushiness on Walls after you-know-what. :P < Pessimist <

  6. What Shreya said.

    I'd probably get someone who knows my passwords to do a guest post/tweet.

  7. Long time reader. Delurking.
    Please don't die.
    If you do, before you do, please pass password to pal.
    So we'll know,
    that you're dead.

  8. Ghost post will be fun, no? xD

  9. OH yeah! Ghost post! :D
    Ppl should know!

  10. @Isha- Really? Dead? Anyway, I don't intend to do that anytime soon.

    @Ananya- I blog so much more than you do. There. :P

    @WomanInLove- Awwww :)

    @Notgogol- I would much rather have you guessing for a while :D

    And guest posts? ghost post? We do take ourselves way too seriously, now don't we? :P

  11. The net is the most ghostly of places..
    Yeah Me too for example :D

    But on a serious note, internet has many anonymous yet articulate blogs, that got a big following. It sort of builds a relationship. When we lost an inanimate thing that was of some use to us, we feel at loss. And now, for your followers you are a living breathing thing of great value...
    So think again , yes its serious :)

    It then makes sense to share the password with some one you trust. There are other ways too

    /A M.S (AnonyMouS)

  12. Why you? Anonymity doesn't bother me that much.

    You're kind. But I guess I'll just let me fade away.. without warning. I think that's sexy.