Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wake Up !

Sundays SUCK! If I had my way, I would just scrap it off the calender. They're a wastage of my existence. I get up late, which is unlike me. I putt off my bath till as late as I can, which is also unlike me. I plan the things I need to do and never succeed.

Bah! A Fucking Useless Day.

Not to forget how I find unusual levels of love for the television set. Since morning I have watched : 
1) Friends
2) Dexte
3) Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
4) Sholay
5) MTV (obviously!)

Now watching : Wake Up Sid.
I love that movie. It's almost aspirational. I would kill to have a pad in Mumbai a la Konkana Sen (in the movie).

I have assignments pending, unmet commitments, University finals in exactly a month's time. 
And what am I doing?
Sitting in front of the damn TV set, eating cheese-burst pizza, day dreaming about Mumbai and procrastinating anything and everything that's work.

I blame Sundays for my miseries.
Bitches, them all!


  1. The way that house was made up in the movie, so totally made me wanna own one.
    And like Bombay even more.

    And yes, Sundays shouldn't exist. Makes me feel all useless.

  2. but then every needs to let hair down once a day...enjoy the sunday!

  3. ah, sunday and it's issues. I want to see sholay too. Never have. Maybe next sunday. :P

  4. I wish I could convert my house into that place.... But sigh. Its filled with too much crap :/

  5. Oh, that movie!
    I watched it on two channels simultaneously. :|

    And all my days are like Sunday, getting up late, Procrastinating bath...


  6. @ Ananya- Sunday and uselessness? Tell me about it!

    @Kshipra- Hair down happens for me rest of the week. :P Sundays Suck! Period.

    @ Stolen Halo- No Sholay? :| Ah! This fucked up generation.

    @She- Throw the crap out, Einstein! Convert convert! :D :D

    @ Blue Periwinkle- Go Die! :/ :/

  7. I always wanted to ask, How is dexter? :s

  8. A-W-E-S-O-M-E !! Please watch and get back to me about it! Ah! This fucked up generation :P

  9. +1 ^

    But the censorship shit is just plain bad.

  10. +1^ :D :D
    yeah sundays are just useless... i only like the being able to be with the family part of them though we end up cribbing and fighting...but...still. n yeah other than that sundays SUCK

  11. Sundays are not useless when you work 6 days a week. N I love Konkana Sen's ghar.

  12. Scrap = wrong usage.
    Scrape = right.
    Nice post though.
    I don't like Sundays either.

  13. @Anon- Oops. Scrap-Scrape = Typo :) Thanks.

    @Anonymous- But six days a week is action packed. Sundays are lame.

    @Strawberry- I know, right?

    @Ananya- Welcome To India Television Screening :)