Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Slow Life.

I have always maintained how I hate travelling. However, that shouldn't be misconstrued to believe that I don't like taking a vacation. Only, my idea of a vacation operates on one sole objective : 
To Be Able To Lead The Slow Life.

I HATE the journey part in general, sometimes. After the talking, singing, leg pulling is done, I take high medications that make me sleep straight through about 10hrs of my life on the bus/train and other fancy modes of transport. I hate having to get up in the morning to go out trekking or sight-seeing or some such. Vacations are meant for chilling; for long baths, breathing, sleeping, lazing around, getting high, eating -- C.H.I.L.L.I.N.G.
I seem to be the only person getting that. Anyway, having gone most of my life being used to getting my way, I find my ways of 'chilling' even when I go out of the city with my tourist-like-travel-crazy friends. Yawn.

So I really have nothing substantial to report or discuss or post for the simple reason that I am still in the flow of The Slow Life from the hills. But of course, it would be a little silly on my part to think that the hangover of the same would last long. What is even more of a buzz kill is the sudden outburst of one million albums of the trip. I think pictures of me are going to take over the damn Facebook and humanity will be restored at last. Now I know how superhero(in)es are born. Even though they made me walk paths I wouldnt even have looked at at because of their sheer height and angles, my little getaway was worth it. Now if only Delhi wasnt so fuckin' hot.
It rained yesterday though :)

Talking of pictures and my lack of substantiality, I leave you with nothing but a subtle toast to the trip that was, my inner peace that's going to run its course soon, the Slow Life and an almost-picture of self from the trip.

Of Funny Pants, Lots of Walking, Intoxication, Lots Of Walking, 'Joint' Accounts, lots of Walking, Yummy Eating, Lots of walking, Pictures, Lots of Walking, Monks (Old Monk and Otherwise), Lots of Walking, Hippie Love, Lots of Walking, Paradise Weather, Lots of Walking, People I Love, Lots of Walking, Butters, Lots of Walking...

Mcleodganj. ♥
Summer '11


  1. You said it all.
    I hate the travelling part too. All I want to do then is JUST SLEEP.

    And vacations are meant to CHILL AND BE LAZY.
    When will scientists discover those transporting machines that'll transport us from one place to another in a matter of few seconds? :|

    Take care, you :)

  2. I can relate to that feeling!

  3. You're back! :D
    I missed you.
    And you look pretty in that photograph.

  4. Is it only me, or does that photograph, accentuate certain parts more than others?

  5. I'm glad other people feel this way too.

    @Ananya- Thank You :)

    @Rahul- I think it's only you. :|

  6. I think you and are just awesome.

  7. Travel is soooo yesterday. In this day and age surely someone should have come up with a way you could just click fingers and get there!

  8. We can never be friends. Never ever DEVER! Ha. I love traveling. Absolutely love it. I am currently in Europe and love every bit of of going from one place to another. I love vacations as well but traveling to these places is always the best part for me. :)

  9. @Kay- Haha! YESS *hair flip

    @Sex, Drugs and Bacon Sandwiches- Hell yeah!

    @zeba- Well, good for you :)
    Also, I travel with my 'my tourist-like-travel-crazy friends', so I really don't think that should put any potential friendship in jeopardy :P

  10. That's why you should be an armchair traveler. You can chill, while traveling, vicariously. Virtual travel FTW!! :D