Thursday, October 13, 2011

The One With The Heart.

Yes, he's loud and fun and social and has all the other attributes that might make people associate the 'buddy' like quality in him wherever he goes; but I can tell it's not true. Underneath his layers of humour, painfully pathertic jokes and drastically different hair/beard styles, he's a greater person. I met him three years back, I think. We had to transgress through the  heirarchies of relationships:
From being my best friend's friend's boyfriend, he became my friend's boyfriend and eventually my friend. And what a wonderful feeling that is! To be his friend. Sure, you think it's all 'buddy' like.

I am not to sure of what time of the year or our lives it was and I have never ever spoken to him about it. Hell, I don't even remember the exact incident. And hence, I am almost certain that he would have no memory of it whatsoever. But it had something to do with my father; when things were especially painful with him. It was a time when I hadn't reached my current state of blissful indifference with him. But I digress..
My friend and I. We were at the usual shady smoking spot of  ours where Army kids socialize and always let civilians like me feel all 'group-y'. I said something about the father to him out of pent up frustration and I have no memory whatsoever of what he had said back to me. But I do remember no one else having made me feel as much better as he did that one evening.
And that's when everything changed.
He wasn't the little kid everyone cracked him up to me. He was a man.
A man who completely wronged his supremely ironic nickname, 'Nanha'. He is over 6', to say the least.

 You know how stories precede people and you end up forming an opinion of a person based on those stories? He is one such with the bag of stories. Not that I judged him earlier 'cause I know what carrying past baggage is like.
But over the years, with and without all his fuckups, he epitomizes courage for me. He has seen enough, felt enough, done enough; good and bad. He's minus manipulations, I feel. He seems to consider them way too trivial for his taste.
He's the friend. He'll be there.
He'll crib and make your life hell when you may not be that regular with your calling/texting/keeping in touch routine, though. But, he'll be there.

He has, just like all of his counterparts, a girlfriend, loving parents, money, car, bike, permissions, sense of humour... the works!
But there's that one little thing that sets him apart;
He's the one with the heart.


  1. Where do you find people minus manipulations? This guy really must be one-in-a-billion.

  2.'re writing again!!
    And i don't know why do we judge people its fun.....Its amazing how wrong preconceptions turn out to be.

  3. You know, I have completely stopped understanding your posts. However, I like the way you conceptualize. :)
    Keep writing.

  4. I love the last paragraph. It was beautiful.

  5. @Meghana : Well, I do. I am probably the one in a billion :P

    @Tangerine : Yes. :)

    @YOUUUU : Did you ever? You're comingg backkkk!!! :D :D :D :D :D

    @Isha : :) :)

  6. the one with the herat.. hmmm.. i loved that bit the most :) .. awesome read...

  7. Pooodiuummmm...tune senti kar diya yaar...thats sooo sweet...tears almost dripping...tell me jab thoda overacting ho jaaye....yaar tu kitni cute hai...thats so beautiful and bass mere paas (g)loves nahi hai bolne ke seriously thank u for this...and from this day...this very day onwards...unlimitided touching allowed from my u forever jaanemann

  8. @Menachery
    :) :) THanks.

    Love you too :*