Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 10 - Your favorite superhero and why?

I like Superman.

I have never been crazily INTO comics/folklore etc, per se. But I like Superman. Always have. And I definitely like him over Batman.

Batman is no superhero. He's probably super-human, to say the least. He's so made- with his Bat-mobile and gadgets and Robin and even the fucking butler. Also, Joker has soo much more personality than him that it makes one wonder if he could have existed without Joker at all.
And then there's Superman. Takes off his fucking shirt and tada! he's out to save the world.
AND he flies.
Also, that Reeve dude was pretty hot too.
Not really my type though. Or is he?

baaaah! I don't want to take my University exams that start in two days...
Supermaaaaaaannnnn! Take Meee Awaaayyy!!!!


  1. I like Batman more. He's got this sexy brooding thing going on that I really go weak in the knees for. Also when played by Christian Bale in the Nolan movies, he is very, very easy on the eyes. :D

  2. And good luck with exams. I'm also on the verge of some irritating exams myself, so I can commiserate.

  3. Spiderman !

    I tend to fall for the geek. always. -_-

  4. I love your header and the background!! :)
    I'm not much into superheroes.
    But,I think I'd like to be that invisible chick from Fantastic four!

  5. Your new layouts awesome!!

    I like Batman for precisely the same reasons you don't. He's human. Any of us could be him. (Depending on a lot of factors of course)

  6. @Tangled up in Blue : Ah well. To each their own, I guess. Thanks for the exam wishes. They are epic failure, just so you know :P

    @Stolen Halo : But he's so un-sexy. Err.. or maybe if you're the dominant one it can work. But still. He seems rather asexual to me.

  7. @Mugdha : Thanks :)
    Invisibility you seek? I do too. Only sometimes, though.

    @Sadhana : Thanks :)
    But he is HUMAN. Superheroes are not supposed to be one of us. Sigh.