Tuesday, December 20, 2011


The beach, the alcohol, the shacks, the conversations, the madness, the solace...
it's calling me back.
And so I'm going back!

Even though I am in a lot of pain right now courtesy my damn period, I know for a fact that if there is anything that would be more epic than Goa in January 2010, it is bound to be Goa in December 2011.


  1. I just did a Goa trip and am now seriously considering buying one of em' villas there. Yes, it was THAT epic!

  2. Hope you had fun! Happy new year!
    And I love your new template.

  3. She : You're back? :)
    Goa and Epic go hand in hand, apparently?

    Mugdha : To you too :)

    Meher : I did! To you too :) Thank you:)