Sunday, January 29, 2012

Signature Smell.

*slurring* "Can you tell I've had too much alcohol? Like, can you smell it of me?"

*matter of fact-ly* "Naahh... you always smell of a little smoke, a little alcohol, mixed with some random perfume, Didn't you know? That's like your.. signature smell. Don't worry. You're okay...!"

I almost laughed.

Almost. :|


  1. This made me laugh.

    But, I've never shared the same sentiment about your apparent signature smell though. I always remember you beautiful smelling. Keep Smiling and Take Care.

  2. He tells me I often smell of Dunhill Reds and Ralph Lauren Romance. Sometimes add to that Cabernet Shiraz on special days.. :)

  3. Yeah, this is point blank alright; can't get blanker than this. Nice. Coming back for more. :)

  4. Made me smile accompanied by a flashback of a similar conversation. Only I was on the matter-0f-factly side :)

  5. @ Anon.
    Who are you, again?
    Anyway, good for you, I guess :) And me.

    @ She.
    At least that's expensive shit. Not my cheap rip offs.

    Ah well. Sigh.

    Fancy calling yourself that? :P
    Welcome :)

    @Stolen halo.
    The likes of you and their matters of fact.