Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Laughing and Liking.

For someone who is apparently 'incapable of emotion', I am feeling way too many things at the moment. And they're running all through the damn body. Perhaps even through the heart.
It's pumping.
Anyway, love is too strong a word an emotion. So strong that I can't/don't feel it enough, apparently. But that's when 'liking' is rather purposeful. It's simpler, for starters. Maybe even slightly innocent. Not that love is not innocent.

Oh no wait. It's not.

But here's the thing about liking someone. When do you go from 'i like him' to 'i like him-like him'? It's different, right? There should be rules for stuff like this. I always thought so. And the transition is ever so sneaky and fragile that there are times when you yourself aren't quite sure of having crossed over the delicate threshold. So there are the usual butterflies in your stomach. But then one fine day, your heart starts pounding. In your mouth. 
But the butterflies is 'liking' enough. 
Does it make the liking less serious or more futile in anyway? Well, it shouldn't.
You still 'like him'. Just probably don't 'like him like him'
It's like laughing at a joke. A joke that's not that funny. You know? The little tiny jokes that make you laugh. Which are more smart than funny.
The jokes that make you 'laugh'; not 'laugh laugh'.
Laughing is good.

And then before you know it, you're laughing with wayyyyyy too many people.
Way Fuckin' Too Many.
All At Once.



    I have never ever understood when do I cross the transition between "liking" and "liking liking"

  2. "And the transition is ever so sneaky and fragile that there are times when you yourself aren't quite sure of having crossed over the delicate threshold." - Favorite line! :)

  3. Fuck.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

  4. yeah, and before we know it we ARE laughing with way too many people. -_-

  5. Typical you, eh?
    You've always been great with your charms.