Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Hello... I love you... Won't you tell me your name?"

Affected. That's the word.
How often does one meet someone who leaves one so affected? 
It makes me mad. A mere three and a half hours.. four tops! Am I really that gullible? That impressionable? But I am losing control. It's like he has captured every inch of my thoughts - or at least, most of my thoughts. The way he just looked me in the eye and spoke every so smoothly, like a muslin cloth running between fingers. In a baritone like no other he expressed everything so matter of fact-ly. Things you're not supposed to say... especially to a person you've just met. But he did. And he didn't need no intoxication for that. It was all him. And me, you ask? I just sat there alternating from unease, discomfort, shyness and pure awe. He was something else. He is something else. And he is not even an acquaintance. And he never could be a friend. Why is this happening? And to think that he's gone on living his life all the same without probably a single thought about me! It's frustrating. More so, because it's not sexual. I just need  him to look me in the eye and to talk to me every day for the rest of my life, I think. Or better still, just hear him talk while I bat my eyelids and sheepishly draw his attention to my rather endowed cleavage. BUT NONE OF THAT IS HAPPENING!
I'm never seeing him again. And Facebook is an especial failure when it comes to 'finding a friend' based solely on his first name.
So Fuckin' Affected!


  1. Who is this smart ass? You sound deranged.

  2. Replies
    1. Is it? If only...
      Love isn't this simple.

    2. Not that this is any simple. SO yeah..could be.

  3. I frickin understand. Before you know it you're just whisked off. And you stand in a field of hearts, confused.

    Gah!! Boys are stupid.

  4. WHOA. What if I said the exact same thing happenned to me? No, I won't say it. I'll just follow you instead. :)

  5. evvvvvery girl knows the feeling !
    and you have penned it down so well :)