Friday, April 12, 2013

Dream Job.

If I could have any job in this whole wide world it would be that of Band Manager.

Of course, I know nothing about any kind of music. But it's a 'dream job' situation so we can easily ignore the insignificant technicalities. Because if there's something you need to have more than knowledge of music to be in a band, it is a big ass van! We'll have a cool van that we'll travel the world in. It would have the most spectacular graffiti  on it that I'd get an old friend's ugly ex girlfriend to do. We'll call the van a 'BandVanGone' so that it sounds a little like 'Bandwagon' because we'd be unnecessarily artsy like that. I have a feeling the background colour of this van will be a deep shade of blue.

We'd have erratic work hours, to cope with which we'd be smoking grass all the time. As Band Manger, I'd meet with all kinds of people and get them to get my band one gig too many. In the beginning, I'll be the lead singer's grab but eventually we'll both realize that we are both too much of  the 'free spirit' kind to be bound by each other on this adventure called life. I'll have a summer romance in Miami because by then I'd have lost enough weight to be running across the beach in a red bikini top and liliputan shorts. Of course, a winter romance in Paris will happen too. And in the transition months, I'll just ride geographically based on the shows my band gets. Weekends will be meant for serious alcoholism but we'll spend New Years' each year performing for the fans because they would've got us to the heights of popularity we'd be at.

So till all that doesn't happen, I just finished by post grad and landed a job as part of the entertainment desk of a media house where I watch soaps all day and file stories about its characters, episodes and events. It's fun and all but it's no Band Manager job. Just saying...

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