Sunday, November 8, 2015

Drunk Writing.

I'm trying something tonight. I'm documenting my drunkness.

You know how they say "write drunk, edit sober''? It makes a lot of sense unless you, like me, take a while to get drunk. Or actually that was back in the day when I was a party girl. Now I need three solid drinks after a full day's work and I'm knocked out. Anyway, tonight I'm homealone. And that really is a luxury when you share a 1BHK with two friends in Bombay. So I've decided to drink myself to write. Yup, I'm pretty sure that's a phrase.

Let's see how this goes...

60ml Whisky x 1

Nothing yet. Like I said I take a while to get drunk. I feel like this might have been more fun if anyone actually read this blog like they did a few years ago. I remember getting so excited each time I got a comment. Anyway, I'm thinking of chugging this one, Just to set the ball rolling.

60ml Whisky x 2

So I just told one of my closest friends about my plan of documenting my drunkenness on my blog tonight. She is definitely supportive. She's hoping I drink as many as 10 large pegs tonight. Slim possibility of that. I'm not 19 anymore. But I remember when I was. I don't even know how T and I got through grad college with the amount of alcohol we had in our systems. Good times - it seems like another century altogether. We really are growing up.

Anyway, I must tell you about this friend of mine. I met her about two years ago when I was studying Journalism for my post-grad in XIC. Honestly, I don't think XIC added any educational value to my life at all, but what an eventful year that was! But that's another story for another day. Coming back to this friend, I love her; I really do. I don't know exactly when we became friends but I feel like my main attraction towards her is the fact that she seems eerily like me - and that's amazing for someone who is as narcissistic as I am. We live in our own heads and have very strong opinions about things. We'r okay if other people don't accept this opinion - we're not looking for that validation. We believe in the idea of love, but are too practical to give it our all just yet. We value relationships and are very clear about who our "friends" are - even if we're guilty of throwing that word around loosely. We are bloody good at our jobs and most importantly, we are hilarious women.

Honestly, I don't think I can put my finger at just how close we are. But I know each time something monumental happens in my life, I think I'd like her to know :)

60ml Whisky x 3

Okay, this shit is working now. I love when plans work out. I'm already apologizing for typos that may occur going forward.

I have a nice buzz now.

My relationship with alcohol has got to be one of my most consistent relationships ever. Unless you count my relationship with "Ross." Actually you can't - it was/is anything but consistent. I feel like I still think about him or talk about him purely for nostalgic value.

OMG! Deepika Padukone just tweeted this photo and I'm dyinggg!!!
This is like the Shah Rukh - Salman Iftaar hug, but better!

Oh well, I love Bollywood, BITE ME!

Time for another drink... I'm definitely not sober now.

1 Cigarette 

Hey hey hey! Look what I found - a cigarette!

Technically, I quit this year.  Which means that I only smoke when I drink now and that too, I try and share a cigarette with a smoker friend. I think it's pretty clear that tonight is not a sharing kind of a night.

next drink

I've done the craziest thing. There's this guy I talk to on Twitter sometimes. Purely platonic. We DM flirt every now and then. And I can't stress on this enough - purely platonic! However, I don't understand what happened right now exactly, but I'm homealone (as I mentioned already) and he is coming over. Erm.

Did I mention this was platonic?

SO THAT'S WHY I'm not supposed to be drinking by myself? Riiiight.

OMG, he's here!

More tomorrow...

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