Monday, February 15, 2010

I Hate Red Roses. Period.

So it came.
It saw.
It went away.
Yet another Valentines Day. The 90% of the population that is so gung ho about the damn day knows rather little of its history and origin. The other 10% is too cool to be a part of this (way exxagerated and stereotypical) expression-of-love day. And then there are these 'days' that preceed the D-day;love,hate,hug,kiss,slap,chocolate(?),teddy(??)...yada the cupid infested 'festival' wasn't cheesy enough ! *dramatic roll of eyes*

They say it's just another excuse to make one's love count. Really? Now how can one day out of an year of three sixty five be enough for makin one's love count? Isn't it just another excuse for burning a hole in one's pocket because suddenly the purchasing power of an individual increases miraculously by the pressure of pleasing one's better half? Indulging in cute valentines(read:superduper cheesy!) couple activities and couple foods and couple drinks seem to be the only way to "celebrate" the event. The flowers-and-chocolate gift hold a special place in my heart. It's not so much to do with the unreal price tags attached to them on this very day but with how it's presumed to be THE gift every single female species on the planet will appreciate equally. Honestly, chocolate addiction is particular of those with less (read:zero) action (of the physical kind) in real lives and red roses are ..well..creepy ! PLUS no handbook prescribes them as the ultimate gift items, so I really don't know who propagated the idea in the first place!

One might think that a lot of my malice/bitterness comes from the fact that there hasnt been any sudden declaration of undying love for me by any of the tolerable men I know, but thats not entirely true. Yes. I am surre it's awesome if and when you have a special one in your life you can share this day with..But why would one voluntarily want to be a part of such a loud mockery of that thing called love, is beyond me. Whatever happened to being in love and enjoying that(those) moment(s)without having to spend a grand? To pampering and making your loved one feel special without any occasion? To realising how pointless the-one-day really is??

I do accept that I have been an avid "MUST-have-a-date-on-valentines-or-go-die" kind of person for the longest time. Thankfully enough, I hav grown out of it. God willing, one day the world will too. Amen.

All said and done, Read roses are creepy and I hate them. Period.


  1. You are the coolest! I love you for bringing out the truth about this day! :)