Friday, February 19, 2010

to be or not to be.. "COMMITTED!"

A lot of things in life are rather pissing off. To go on about all of them would not only be stupid but incredibly tiring. But I MUST write about that one thing that pisses the fuck out of me.

"Are u commited?" 
yes to a lot of things..what are you asking about?? "huh? what?"
"Arreyy... committed! Do you have a boyfriend?"
HMMMMMMM... "err..not right now".
"So you are not committed; You are single,right?"
a bigger HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.. "Yea..I guess.

Chances are one wont see where I am going with this. Chances are one might think that I am overreacting. But heres the deal : Committed is not the opposite of single! I don't understand why and how did this particular term come into usage like that, but whatever the origin, it;s wrong!

To start with, all (99% of) the words present in everyone's vocabulary is (err..should be) holding the meaning as stated by the good old dictionary. I cannot call a table a spoon without having to give an explanation to the curious 'looks' that will follow. Then how can you use "committed" in places where it can actually be seen as being out of context? Now nowhere in the dictionary (And I've checked!) does 'committed' have anything to do with a relationship.
Yes. its awesome if you are in a committed relationship.So under that scenario, you are in a 'committed relationship' and not just 'committed'. It holds really less (read:zero) ground on its own. Also, one could be committed to work or to friends or to a lot more things that go beyond having a boyfriend/girlfriend.It IS, in fact, possible for two people to be seeing each other or dating each other(yes.those are the words used in the REAL world, however lousy those terms are!)without being committed. Now how hard can understanding this be?

I like a boy. He likes me back. We hang out a lot. We may hav held hands(and more :P). We even let people (only close friends) see us as a couple.But what if we are not ready for commitment yet?
Are we single then?
We are dating ! Two plus two is four and it is a perfect world. More than anything else, the 'pissing off' factor arrives primarily because I dont have the slightest clue as to how I can go about answering the darn question of me being committed?

Yes. I am committed to the people who matter; I am committed to the things I am passionate about; I am committed to, say, ze Shahrukh Khan (I watch ALL of his shady cinema).
Am i single?
Also yes.
How can I be both at the same time,one asks?
MAYBE because it's not illegal to have a partner and not be committed to him/her from the day you meet. MAYBE because it's not possible for commitment to dawn all over you in a moment.
MAYBE because being single and being committed arent antonymns to each other...

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