Sunday, July 18, 2010

Delhi University is a little more stupid than it's cracked up to be.

long a title?
bah. i don't care.

so it's been a little over a year since the last time i had to face any important result. academically. after the insane XII class board exam result (which too, by the way, are waaayyy overrated) and a few entrances later, i landed myself into the damn University. THE Delhi University. The one, every self respecting XII-board-exam-giver in Delhi, and outside of it,day dreams of. Anyway, i got me a decent college with the course of my choice. life was good. speaking of which, the whole politics that goes on about the hot colleges and the ones that don't figure in them is just sad, if you ask me. primarily, because i know people from 'north campus' who dread going to college everyday and then there's yours truly, who loves her humble south campus college and everything about it! point being, DU might not necessarily be the be all and end all of it all (personal shout out to people of other universities; IP for one. @jaya :P)

so a year of college has come to an end; a year of bunking classes, short attendance, lots of food, cups of iced teas, smokes at mithas, hookahs that suck (and some that don't), toxications of other kinds, ac at al... and so much love :).
but blame it on my schooling maybe, but it's almost my natural instinct to expect the damn result by now after i have taken the University exams some thirty thousand years ago (read: in April,2010). and though i embarked upon my journey of being an English literature student with ever so much enthusiasm, it sort of faded away by the year end. hence, i think it won't be wrong to say that the standard of my papers, well, wasn't up to the mark, to say the least. mentally am prepared for the worst, really.

prepared, however, with just one problem. the evident presence of my birth givers. the hypocrites that they are, parents don't blink once when it's all about comparing their own kids to Gupta ji ke bachche who figure in the top rankings in class like that's the only thing to do in life but not once will they agree to see how the parents of those who have failed are doing, like they're an urban myth or something. and god knows that they exist.
yes. that's how bad it is at the moment.
failure sucks! more so when you've lived (safely) oblivious to it for a little over eighteen years of your life.
and the physical presence of my mom's husband right now isn't helping one bit anyway.
but then kids fail all the time, don't they? and they survive past it. there are bound to be other options. am totally considering other options...running away, being one.

yes. the crib fest can continue forever.
hence, B.A (HOUNOURS) ENGLISH, DELHI UNIVERSITY, announce the damn results, already??

till then.. maybe i can go shop for the things i'll take with me while am on the run. retail therapy does do wonders, doesn't it?

p.s. i just heard, DU chooses to not announce results on a Sunday. ah. pricey bitch, anyone?
kill me, already!

anyway, S H O P P I N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i lyk ur writin style.its vry frsh.
    all d doin gr8 wrk. :)